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On the surface our programs appear ro be different, but to the insider all pour traditions lead to the same goal. Through rigourous physical training and intense mental concentration the average beginner can expect to see major changes in the body and mind in just few months.

Our program includes: San Kai Karate. This art is a synthesis of Karate. Tae Kwan Do and Indomitable Spirirt. Our system place emphasis on conditioning, sparring, self-defence techniques and kicking and punching drills. Weapons training include: jo and bo staff, sai, kama and bokken. Kids learn respect, discipline, how to set goals and a “Yes I can” attitude in a positive and exciting atmospere.

I signed up for Budokan and have been amazed by the changes I have seen in myself. I got self-discipline now. Thank you, Sensei!
Aaron Fox
Video Editor

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